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Original Fine Art & handcrafted gifts

Happiest in her studio…

Karen Canning is an artist who has a need to create. She started Studio fifty-three as a platform to showcase her original fine art and handcrafted giftware. 

She is at her happiest when she is in her studio creating. Karen enjoys working in different mediums including, Acrylic, pastels, wire, mixed media, textiles and encaustic wax.

One of the best ways to establish the personality of your home, is by decorating the walls with art. When buying original art you are buying unique one-of-a-kind pieces that has taken many hours, days and in a lot of Karen’s work, weeks to produce.

She take commissions and works closely with her clients to create an artwork that resonates with them and works in their environment.

Karen Canning


Studio Fifty three

Designed and Handmade In House

Karen’s unique style and passion for her art, is reflected in the beautiful pieces she creates.

Fine Art & Handmade Gifts to Delight

Karen is passionate about bringing quality,  handcrafted products to the market.  They are unique and exclusive to Studio Fifty Three.

All of our wares are made in house by Karen who take a great deal of pride to produce something special and authentic.

She loves to build a relationship  with her clients, whether to deliver an original artwork or help find the perfect gift

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