Power of plants

I remember when I was a teenager, the benefits of indoor plants were well known, as well as being a big part of interior design.  Happily the trend has returned.

The indoor plant is back, whether in a pot, made into a Kokedama or hanging from the ceiling, they are the secret ingredient to pull any room together.

But did you know the humble indoor plant offers so much more than just an attractive decoration.

Benefits of indoor plants.



A large percentage of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors so it is important to have clean air where we live and work. It has been shown that indoor air can be 2-5 times as contaminated as outdoor air. Further more indoor air is more stagnant.

We pollute the air we breathe everyday by using cleaners, detergents, VOCs (Volitile organic compounds) – emitted from plastics and synthetics in furniture, computers and printers. This can lead to headaches, eye, nose and throat problems and loss of concentration.


Aloe Vera has healing benefits and the ability to clean air.

Aloe Vera has healing benefits and the ability to clean air.

In the 80s, NASA conducted studies into the benefits of indoor plants. What they found was that all plants were beneficial in filtering indoor air.

In essence the plant system – leaves, roots and potting media – take VOCs from the air and put oxygen back into the environment.

Plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, but certain  plants also eliminate significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene (VOCs.)

Here is a short list of plants that are good at filtering indoor air, are resilient and are considered non-toxic for children.

  • The aloe vera plant is also known as ‘lily of the desert, and the medicine plant. The aloe vera plant has many healing benefits, including its ability to clean air. The gel inside an aloe plant can help heal cuts and is also very effective at soothing burns, including sunburn.  The leaves of this super plant can also help to alleviate asthma symptoms by boiling the leaves in water and breathing in the vapour.
  • Peace Lily a long-time favorite among house plant enthusiasts,  the Peace Lily is one of the top indoor plants for cleaning air. This tropical plant breaks down and neutralises VOCs. While we all appreciate cleaner air, it’s the Peace Lily’s occasional white bloom that makes it such a popular house plant.
  • Spider plant  – Very resilient and it produces runners (smaller plants) that can be transplanted. The spider plant will clean the air in your house.
  • Snake plant  Also called “Mother in Law’s Tongue” – “This plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products. Put one in your bathroom — it’ll thrive with low light and steamy humid conditions while helping filter out air pollutants.”


Have you ever noticed how looking out on lush green grass lifts your soul?

Studies have shown that hospital patients who have flowers or plants in their room, or who look out onto a garden from their room, often recover more quickly than those who have no plants around them.

Plants help to increase our levels of positivity and make us feel more secure and relaxed. They can also help with loneliness and depression.

It is so satisfying to nurture a living plant and be rewarded with beautiful lush growth, flowers or fruit.


Lavender can help with a restful nights sleep. A benefit to indoor plants.

Lavender can help with a restful nights sleep. A benefit to indoor plants.

For many of us we go to bed with an overstimulated mind, then find we toss and turn and not achieve the recommended seven to eight hours sleep.

It has been proven that the smell of lavender and Jasmine can lead to a more restful nights sleep.

Scent is another benefit to indoor plants.


Plants have a positive effect on us and can help reduce stress, fatigue and enhance productivity.

Place some house plants, particularly those with broad leaves, on your desk at work, in your home office and in any area of your home where children study or do their homework.


Air purifying Spider Plant.

Air purifying Spider Plant.

With all the benefits to indoor plants and their health advantages, they also look fantastic! They will instantly lift any room. Adding a splash of healthy green making a fresh and welcoming statement.


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