Build business images

‘Build your business with images and phonography’ workshop.


Jan & Amber from Social Media Photographers.

Build business images:  On Sunday, Studio fifty-three hosted Build your business with images and phonography workshop.  Jan and Amber from Social Media Photographers  came up from Brisbane to present their workshop to a class of eager participants who wanted to gain skills to enhance and individualise their social media presence.

Build business images: THE 5P’S

They taught us the 5P’s of Visual Content to help build an image library for our businesses and brands.

The 5P’s are

  • People
  • Product
  • Places
  • Personality
  • Promotion.

This gave us a clearer understanding as to what story we want to tell about what we do and who we are.

Smartphone Cameras

The cameras in a smartphone are incredible, and with Jan & Amber guiding us we learnt how to take great photos and installed apps that can enhance an image and take it to the next level.


Creating a great image with a smartphone.

Even though all of our businesses were very different, the skills we learnt will translate into all of our various enterprises. I think we all recognised the importance of great images to attract interest before the workshop and now we know how to implement these skills to produce more engaging and relevant images.

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Build Your Business with images and phoneography workshop.

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