Use high quality and engaging images

Use high quality and engaging images.

The Importance of Images in Business

Our attention spans have been massively shortened due to things like social media and content overload, causing us to browse quickly through a sea of information to pick out the few things that draw our attention.  From glossy magazine articles to blog posts, and Facebook posts, the length of our messaging keeps getting shorter. The exception is images – pictures and videos – and that exception is a big one.

It’s easy just to say that people like pictures and leave it at that, but it’s just as important to understand why images draw us in so much more than text.  There are two main reasons why images have become so important in businesses online.

The right picture can bring out strong emotions in us. Compassion, joy, disgust, or even hate. An image can convey a wide range of information or it can focus in on a single thought or emotion, and it can cover all of the ground in between. It just needs to be the right image.

Studio fifty-three is bringing to Toowoomba the Social Media Photographers to present their workshop ‘Build you Business with Images and Phonography’. Learn the value of posting original engaging images that relate exactly to what you want your clients and customers to know.


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