Welcome Back.

Studio fifty-three

Studio fifty-three

Welcome back to Studio fifty-three for 2019. Can you believe how quickly last year flew by.  I spoke to a lot of people about this, young and old, and everyone agreed. Are we trying to pack too much into one day? I know I do. We have all these gadgets at our disposal to free up our valuable time, but we or at least I, seem to find more things to jam into this time space. I count myself lucky that my time is spent doing what I love, but since I started Studio fifty-three, I have had to sacrifice other passions in my life. Reading and spending time with friends and regular walks are things that I seem to be saying no to all the time.  Well I still read, but instead of a biography or a best selling novel, I am reading about SEO and analytics.  

Slow Living

I love the idea of the slow movement, being mindful, living a simple life and making meaningful connections, embracing moments. Here is an article on 5 ways to slow down. I might just try and get off the hampster wheel and give it ago.

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