What Are Massage Candles?


Massage Candles

Massage Candles

Until recently, I had never heard of a massage candle. But then I had an opportunity to experience one and I loved it.  So what are massage candles?

Massage candles are a multi functional variety of candle. They have all the benefits of a traditional style candle, plus it contains extra ingredients that make them an excellent body moisturizer and massage oil alternative. Yes.. you pour it onto your skin!



Rich Moisturising and Hydrating Massage Candle

Rich Moisturising and Hydrating Massage Candle


The candles are made with a combination of soy wax and oils (I use a combination of soy wax, shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E oil) and fragrance.


Massage Candles have a low melting temperature, so they can be poured directly onto skin. The temperature is a little warmer than a bath.


Appeals to our senses

The sense of sight

Is there anything as mesmerising as staring into the flame of a lit candle. The soft glow of a candle sets a romantic atmosphere.

The sense of smell

The delicate fragrance is slowly released as the candle burns

The sense of touch

The warm and moisturising massage oil stimulates the sense of touch whether applying to yourself or even better being massaged by someone else.


How to use a Massge Candle

Massage candles liquify into an absorbing, high slip massage oil

Massage candles liquify into an absorbing, high slip massage oil

Light your candle and enjoy the golden glow and beautiful scent filling the room while the candle begins to melt. It should take about 15mins for enough of the candle to liquify into an absorbing, high slip massage oil that nourishes and hydrates the skin.  Note a small amount goes a long way, so if you are using it on your hands, only pour a small amount. The melted oils will soak into your skin completely within just a few minutes.

The combination of wax and oils burn very clean and long.  It has a low melting point so the wax can be applied directly onto the skin. The intoxicating aroma, warmth of the oil and the candlelight creates a sensory experience for yourself or your partner.

Available At Studio fifty-three

These massage candles are available at Studio fifty-three and at $15.00 make a perfect gift. They are affordable enough for you to indulge in a little luxury every day.

Contact us and make a time to come and visit ‘Studio fifty-three Gallery/Shop’.

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